Opacity levels for each fabric and what that means to you:

The Openness Factor is achieved in the weave of the fabric.  A more open weave is woven so as to allow more light to penetrate and a tighter weave is made to reduce the amount of light that enters the room.

Openness details:

    • Visiontex Plus 94 – 6.5% Carbon Black to 7.3% Ice White
    • Visiontex Ultra 99 – 1.1% average
    • Outlook Mode Colours – 5%
    • Outlook Mode Textures – 5%
    • Outlook Mode Privacy – 1%

Visiontex Plus 94 Brochure  

Visiontex Ultra 99 Brochure

Outlook Mode Colours+Textures+Privacy Brochure

We offer this gallery as a guide only for your colour selections. The textile detail and colour may not appear true to colour or scale due to different media.  Please ask your sales consultant to see a sample.

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