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Keeping Your Window Coverings Looking Crisp this Autumn

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Let's face it, our free time is precious and nobody loves spending time on cleaning chores. But keeping your blinds and shutters spick and span doesn't have to be a nightmare! With a little regular maintenance, they'll be looking as fresh as those crispy autumn leaves swirling outside. In this blog we’ll offer a few tips to ensure you head into autumn with a clean and cosy home.

Inside the house:

The fabric or material of your shutters and blinds is key to how best you treat and clean them:

PVC heroes: These shutters are typically a dream to maintain. They're tough as nails, unaffected by moisture and humidity and are unlikely to crack, warp, or change colour. Simply give them a wipe down with a microfibre cloth, just like you would a cabinet – to keep dust at bay.

Timber treasures: For painted or stained shutters and blinds, your best bet is to try to keep them dry. If they get wet from an open window on a rainy day, dry them off with a towel as soon as you can. Water and wood don't mix! The same applies when you’re cleaning them. Dusting them with a dry microfibre cloth is a simple way to clean them up. Some furniture polishes can work for stained timber or lacquered cedar, but be sure to check the label first.

Venetian blinds:

Vacuum away the dust bunnies: To stop dust from building up, it’s best to give your blinds a weekly once-over with your vacuum cleaner. Use the soft brush attachment on the lowest setting. Close the blinds, hold the bottom slats, and gently run the nozzle across each slat. Don't forget to flip them over to clean the other side! Work your way from top to bottom so the dust falls onto the uncleaned area – simple as that.

A quick alternative to vacuuming - how about a cost-effective DIY dust buster? Grab a pair of cotton gloves or an old sock and wipe each slat carefully to remove dust and grime.

Fabric blinds (roller, panel glide, Roman):

Regular vacuuming: Just like venetian blinds and indoor shutters, use the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to remove dust regularly.

Battling stains: For stubborn stains or built-up dirt, make a very weak soap solution (1 tablespoon of dishwashing soap to 4 cups of water). Dab the blinds with a clean sponge soaked in the solution, but don't scrub! Wipe away any soap residue with a clean, damp cloth and let them dry completely.

Deep clean time?

For a more thorough clean, try to do this monthly, depending on the material of your window coverings:

For PVC: Mix some dishwashing liquid with warm water for a sudsy solution. Wipe down each slat with a clean cloth, then dry them with another clean cloth.

For real wood: Remember, no water or soap here! Use a small amount of good quality wood cleaner or furniture polish on a clean cloth and apply it gently to each slat. Be careful not to get it on any cords or non-wood parts.

For aluminium: Use warm water and a slightly damp cloth to wipe across each slat.

And what about banishing the grime outdoors?

Outdoor shutters and awnings are generally designed to withstand the elements, so you can be a bit more heavy-handed when cleaning them. Brush away dirt with a soft broom, then rinse them thoroughly with the garden hose. Make a lukewarm soapy solution in a bucket and use a mop to gently wash away any remaining dirt. Finally, rinse again to remove any soap residue.

By keeping up with a regular cleaning routine and giving your blinds and shutters an occasional deeper clean, they'll be looking their best all autumn long. After all, a clean home is a happy home – and who doesn't love that feeling?

Autumn is a great time to freshen up your space and build a cosy vibe with carefully selected window coverings. Not sure where to begin, or keen to get some in-person advice? Our amazing team of experienced consultants will happily answer any questions and find the right solution for your home.

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