How To Clean Your Shutters & Blinds In The Most Effective Way

To keep your shutters and blinds looking as fresh and clean as the day you first installed them takes a bit of light maintenance. Unfortunately, many people struggle finding the best and most efficient way of cleaning their shutters and blinds, i.e. the method that will give them the best return without having to apply […]

How To Save Money By Installing Shutters & Blinds

  There’s a weak link in your home that’s making you feel hotter in summer and colder in winter than need be, and no, it’s not your overworked air conditioner. It’s your windows. Yes, these glass portals into the outside world can make all the difference to your household’s year-round climate; they’re estimated to be […]

November 2016 Favourite Shutter & Blinds Design Trends

Here at Factory Direct Shutters, Blinds & Awnings, we’re constantly bringing our customers the latest in Shutter & Blinds design trends and installation innovations. We’re champions of great design and with a vast array of materials, fabrics and finishes, we’re committed to helping YOU choose the best looking products with the best functionality, all at […]