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Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Your Patio or Deck

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You’ve got your new awnings in place, now it’s time to make your outdoor space look even more beautiful with the right lighting to enhance it.

Whether you’re entertaining guests, sharing a meal, or simply relaxing, there are a number of ways people make the most of their outdoor areas and the way you illuminate your patio can make a huge impact - not just on practical visibility after the sun sets, but also the overall ambience of your outdoor area.

There are many creative ideas and options out there for your patio or deck, of which we’ve selected the best for you to peruse and choose from, according to the mood you want to create.

Simple, Modern, Effective Lighting

Wall mounted lights


One of the most popular options, wall mounted lights create a clean and amply lit outdoor space. There are a multitude of designs available out there to choose from, including lantern-like designs for an old timey feel.

Perfect for: a no-fuss patio lighting solution.

Not so ideal for: patios without appropriately placed mountable walls.

Sky lighting


Another simple and popular option, sky lighting acts like traditional indoor lighting by illuminating an area from above. Depending on the kind of awning you have installed and roof type, these can be setup fairly easily within your ceiling, and create a really bright space during the day.

Perfect for: creating a brightly lit patio during the day time.

Not so ideal for: intimate lighting motifs, night time lighting or patios with folding arm awnings.

Ceiling mounted and hanging pendant lighting


Why invest in an entire lighting system? A well placed hanging pendant light (or series of them) over your outdoor table or seating area may be all you need to create a well lit space. This also allows you to take advantage of the bright light coming from inside your home, letting the light naturally flood your patio space.

Perfect for: minimalist, inexpensive, low-effort lighting.

Not so ideal for: Folding arm awning covered patios.

Combination Lighting

Garden lights, including solar lights


Garden lights are cost-effective and sleek, especially the solar powered kind. Dotted around the yard, they do a great job creating an ambient mood whilst also highlighting your feature areas.

Perfect for: showing off your garden or yard, tight budgets.

Not so ideal for: creating well large well lit areas, permanent lighting solutions.



It doesn’t get much more opulent than a chandelier. Although they provoke thoughts of superfluous dining halls, a chandelier doesn’t have to be too lavish or even expensive, and can make a great centerpiece to bring your patio look together.

Perfect for: luxurious and intimate-feeling spaces or vintages style warmth.

Not so ideal for: Folding arm awning covered patios.

Table lighting


Candles, lanterns and the like set an intimate and inviting atmosphere. Usually they work better in combination with other options, as on their own they might not be the strongest source of light.

Perfect for: cosy and intimate settings.

Not so ideal for: creating a brightly lit space.

Something A Little Different

Fairy lights


You’ll find more and more fairy lights adorning weddings and other celebrations, so why not bring it to your backyard? Their distinctly playful and homely vibe is super simple to install, too.

Perfect for: making a large impact with minimal effort, winding in around fence palings.

Not so ideal for: patios with complex designs or a lot of space.

LED floor lighting & uplights


Install LED strips on the bottom of your outdoor furniture or around the edges and steps of your timber patio to create a futuristic, dynamic look that will definitely have your guests talking.

Perfect for: a distinctive look that provides plenty of light, steps, shelf and bench seating.

Not so ideal for: budget restrictions.

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