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Creating the Ideal Man Cave

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Gone are the days of tasteless rooms filled with sports memorabilia, dusty stubby holder collections and half-eaten, mouldy food. With a little effort, it’s easy to create an inviting and stylish man sanctuary to relax, get creative and to tinker with all the games and gadgets that don’t fit anywhere else in the house.

Creating a man cave can be a fantasy for some, but with some simple preparation you can transform a bland space into an enviable chillout zone that all your mates will want to hangout in.

Here are some window treatment ideas and tips to boost the comfort and functionality of your man cave.

What’s your Man Cave Theme?

One of the first decisions to make when you start thinking about a man cave is how you would like to theme it. Theming is helpful as it lays out a plan to follow for the rest of the space. Breaking a few rules and choosing a stellar theme can make the difference between a second-rate hole and a top-of-the-line man zone.

As this is your zone (or your man’s zone..) now is your chance to GO WILD and design a space that fits your style and favourite colours. Before any furniture is bought, choose a colour or two you’d like to paint and style the room with. Light, neutral colours are best for opening up the room and giving it a larger feel or opt for bold colours to make it roar with your personality.

Next, decide on your style scheme. Combining metal hardware with raw timber finishes helps achieve the look of an industrial-style man cave. Or, create the cosy charm of a mountainside cottage with soft furnishings like a rug, plush cushions and dim lighting to set a relaxing mood. Whatever your preferred style is, go for it!

Make a Statement with Curtain Materials

The type of curtain fabric you choose make a huge difference in making your man cave look more masculine (.. or feminine if that’s how you roll!). Solid colours are a great choice for any man cave, but the colour of your curtains needs to reflect be your personal style. Darker colours like browns and greys are more masculine, while pastels and bright colours can be more feminine. Keep in mind your hobbies and that lighter fabrics can bounce and increase light, while darker will absorb it too. If you’re into photography or videography, this is super important.

Heavier, thicker fabrics are also more masculine than thin, wispy whimsical ones and you can layer wooden blinds with them for added privacy and finesse. Wooden shutters are another great choice if you’re looking for a classic, refined touch to your man cave.

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Media Heaven with Blockout Curtains

No matter how big your screen is, watching movies or sports isn't as much fun when the sun's is reflecting everywhere and you can’t see what’s going on properly. Standard curtains will typically help with this, but still let light leak through. Blockout curtains will ensure you can watch the movie, sports match or play video games without any distractions. Installing blockout curtains also increases the visibility and clarity of your TV and helps prevent UV damage to your furniture and other possessions.

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Show off with Motorized Blinds

Now you can integrate your man cave into your smart home. If you or your man are a gadget guy and love the mod cons, then smart home motorized blinds could be perfect for your man cave. Motorized blinds can integrate nicely with your choice of smart home devices that such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Nest, Sonos, Apple HomeKit and more. With the touch of a button, you can have your blinds open or closed. If you choose louvre style blinds, you can even adjust the angle they’re open at on an app.

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Make an Impact with Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

If you're looking for an extra layer of privacy and WOW factor for your man cave, floor-to-ceiling blinds or curtains could be a perfect option for you. Floor-to-ceiling blinds are great options for man caves, whether that’s in a bonus room or other areas where you want extra privacy and better light control.

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If a home is a castle, then a man’s man cave is his favourite room in the castle. It’s a place to escape from the world for quality time alone as well as spending time with family and friends. A man cave is like a retreat zone surrounded by the things you or your man love. Luckily creating such a haven doesn’t mean a pricey plane ticket and accommodation, just the awesome window treatments, the right theming and all your favourite gadgets, hobby gear and décor arranged well.

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